Performance continuously excellent

Invested more than 500 enterprises, has successfully listed nearly 100.


he invested enterprises maintain high growth.


Innovation and Experience


The first venture capital firm to establish the limited partnership with standardized modern operation. Cowin Capital has already successfully operated 5 funds, which sets an example of innovation for the industry.


With 22 years’ experience in Capital Market, Cowin Capital has formed its


Cowin Capital has formed unique investment style that contains both cautiousness and decisiveness with its own funds.

Resources and Team

There are sufficient project sources, there is sufficient project competitiveness, and there is strong multi-channel exit ability.


Diversified talent structure and background, creating a broad view of investment and unique value judgments.


Value and Culture


Strictly regulate the operation, and rigorously control the risk.


Actively participates as a trusted partner to provide a full range of value-added services and resource for the enterprises to realize the growth.


Create together. Share together. Urge to contribute, and dare to undertake.


Service system

  • Investors

    01.Continuously excellent return

    Pursue investment success rate and return rate.

    02.Against the cycle of fluctuations

    Equity investment is less correlated with traditional financial assets and can reduce the systemic risk and reduce the volatility of the portfolio.

    03.Control the risk

    Enhance the overall wealth of anti-risk ability to improve the rate of return.

    04.ariety of exit methods


  • 合作
  • Entrepreneurs

    01.Capital Support

    Diversified investment: equity, bonds, debt to equity, options and so on.

    02.Value-added services(1)

    Improve the level of corporate governance, standardize enterprise management, enrich and improve the management team, and promote the management incentive mechanism. Assist the company to develop long-term development plan, participate in mergers and acquisitions, to provide recommendations for the company's financial planning.

    03.Value-added services(2)

    Assist the company in capital operation, including listing planning. Harmonize and coordinate the relationship between shareholders, shareholders and management relations, the establishment of new mutual trust mechanism and shareholder culture. According to the needs of enterprise development strategy, introduce the new strategic investors.